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29th Golden Melody Awards 

Commercial  Project / 2D / 1920*1080 / 2018

Role: Animation

We had the chance to make an animation for Golden Melody Awards. I was so excited to be part of it. The piece conveyed the concept of land justice. After discussion, we decided to focus several controversial land development issues in Taiwan.



Client:JL Design

Directed by  SimpleInfo Design

Presented by 張志祺 Chih-Chyi Chang

Account Manager & Producer: Yu-min Wang

Creative Direction: Ichiten Chou

Concept: Mugi Orange

Script: Yu-min Wang

Storyboard: Ichiten Chou| Deyue Liao

Design: Deyue Liao| Li-Jung Cheng| Mia Zeng

Animation Direction: Ichiten Chou

Lead Animator: Mugi Orange

Animation: Mugi Orange| Chun-Bee Yang| Lit Jhan|Freya Yeh

最佳演唱組合入圍影片片頭歌曲:拆 Chai

歌手/樂團:張三李四 Chang and Lee

唱片/經紀公司:安樂茂思國際事業有限公司 Anlemouse Production Co. Ltd. /

獨一無二娛樂文化/Unique One Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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