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Hello Taipei

Commercial  Project / 2D / 1920*1080 / 2018

Role : Concept / Animation 

This project is made for Taipei City Government. I was lucky enough to work with these talented people in Simpleinfo. This animation is for promoting an App made by Taipei City Government. The purpose is to show people when to use this app when a situation happens.
I was a animator in these animations.


Client:Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government  
Directed by Simpleinfo
Presented by Chih-Chyi Chang
Account Manager:Queena Zeng
Producer:Ichiten Chou
Creative Direction:Tinyun Lan
Creative:Coco Ko
Copy:Hui-Yu Chuang
Storyboard: Tinyun Lan
Art Direction: Dyin Li
Design:Li-Jung Cheng
Animation Direction: Ichiten Chou
Animation: Freya Yeh|Chun-Bee Yang| Lit Jhan
Music&Sound Design: Lee Hung
Release:Jan. 2018

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