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Los Angeles Project

Personal Project / 2D/ 1080*720 / 2017

Illustrator / Photoshop / After Effects

In 2016 summer, after graduated from NTUA, I was eager to leave my hometown, Taiwan. In order to grow up, I realized that I have to push myself to get out of the comfort zone. I was fortunate enough to get a chance studying in USC an year with full scholarship. I learned a lot and met so many beautiful people in 2017, which I called it my gap year. Gradually, I found that I fell in love with LA. The freedom I felt in this country makes me brave and confident to be myself.  

Taiwan Project

Personal Project / 2D/ 1080*720 / 2018

Illustrator / Photoshop / 


After one year living abroad, I came back home. I started to see my hometown in different angle. 

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