GMT+8-5 - Trailer

Personal Project / Motion Graphic / 1'00" / 1920*1080 / 2020

Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects

Role: Direction / Script / Storyboard / Design / Animation


This is the trailer of my final project, GMT +8-5 at SCAD. Full version will come out in a bit. 
The animation is about finding peace during the journey of loss. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8) is Taiwan's time zone. GMT-5 is New York time zone. This is a journey of a girl who live in the States then find her way to accept her grandma's death. 



Some Style Frames 
Credit -

Designed and Animated by Freya Yeh
Voice Talent: Victoria Hogan
Music and Sound Production: WinSound Studio
Original Music: Szu-Yu Lin, Hsiao-Chin Lin
Score Mixer and Dubbing Mixer: Hsiao-Chin Lin
Sound Design: Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin
Special Thanks: SCAD MOME professors, Scott Uyeshima, Yuying Herr, My Family

Copyright ©  2020 by Freya Yeh. All Rights Reserved.