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Taiwan Culture Day

Commercial  Project / 2D / 1920*1080 / 2018

Role: Storyboard / Animation

This piece is made for promoting Taiwan Culture Day. We focused on the history traced back to Japanese Occupation Period. Some scholars have devoted themselves to educating people and passing down Taiwan Culture.


Client:Ministry of Culture

Directed by SimpleInfo Design

Presented by  Chih-Chyi Chang

Producer: Yu-min Wang

Creative: Coco Ko

Script: Coco Ko

Storyboard:Li-Jung Cheng|Freya Yeh

Design:Li-Jung Cheng|Mia Zen

Lead Animator:Freya Yeh

Animation:Freya Yeh|Chun-Bee Yang

Voice Over:Fan Chung

Sound Design & Mix:范仲瑜 Fan Chung

Release:10. 2018

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